4 Signs That You Need An Emergency Furnace Repair

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September 21, 2016

With winter approaching, you want to get your old furnace serviced. It is better to get your furnace serviced rather than have it fail during a cold night. A well maintained furnace also keeps your home comfortable, purifies the air and also warms your house quickly without consuming more power.

But, what if your furnace is about to break down? ` There are some signs which give an indication that you need furnace emergency repair before your furnace breaks down:

1. Old Furnace

Having an old furnace is not a problem but it may need frequent repairs. An average furnace life ranges from 16-20 years. If your furnace is within this range or more than 20 years, it must be maintained regularly. Old furnaces may work fine but you never know when they can fail suddenly. Therefore, periodic checks must be carried out by a technician.

2. Strange Noises

If some parts of the furnace are not functioning properly, you will hear some strange noises. There is a specific noise created for each part that gets affected. A technician will be able to diagnose the problem on hearing the noise your furnace is making. A furnace emergency repair is required if you hear strange sounds from your furnace. Some common noises you will hear include banging noise, metal scraping noise, rattling sound or squealing noise.

3. High Bills

One of the common furnace problems you may face is that your power bills are increasing suddenly. This happens when the furnace is not able to operate smoothly and it takes extra effort to maintain the temperature in your home. Such furnaces consume more power. This can be experienced if you find uneven heating in your home. Some rooms will warm up quickly and then after some time it will be cold again. An emergency furnace repair in Edmonton is required for the furnace if your power bills have increased lately.

4. Combustion Problem

If your furnace has ignition problems, then it will not warm your room properly. You will see a yellow flame instead of a blue flame if there is a combustion issue. Incomplete combustion suggests that there is carbon monoxide gas presence. The gas is not visible but the yellow flame is an indication that there is a leak. Such a situation can be dangerous for the people residing in the house. Therefore, it is recommended that you switch off the furnace and call for a furnace emergency repair.

These are some of the common furnace problems one may encounter. There are other things which also need to be considered. This includes having clean air filters, ensuring that the filters are not clogged and many others. If your furnace has not been serviced lately or you experience any of the above-mentioned problems, then get an emergency furnace repairs in Edmonton.

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