Gas Fireplaces

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July 28, 2016
July 28, 2016

We Repair and Maintain Gas Fireplaces

We are very experienced in gas fireplace repairs and maintenance.  If you are looking to repair or maintain your gas fireplace in Edmonton, then Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning is the right choice for you.

A gas fireplace burns clean and is easy to handle. This is one reason why many people assume that it does not require any cleaning. However, this is not true. Annual maintenance of gas fireplaces will keep your furnace in good condition and prevent it from breakdown.

So what happens during a gas fireplace maintenance check?

Exterior Check

Our technician will first examine the exterior part of the fireplace to see if the glass has any cracks, if it has been chipped or if it’s dirty. The framework will be examined to ensure it is not compromised.

Interior Check

Our technician will then see if there are any problems inside the gas fireplace. Here, he will check if the gas ignition is lighting up without any problems. The valves and the connections below the fireplace will be inspected. If there is any debris or dust accumulated, it will be cleaned. Other routine checks such as the output of heat generated and detecting any leaks will also be conducted.

An Emergency Situation: Pilot Flame Turns Yellow

The pilot flame should be blue in color. If the pilot flame turns yellow, it’s a sign that there is a release of carbon monoxide gas. This is an emergency situation. You must switch off your fireplace and give us a call immediately. Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning has an emergency repair team who will fix the issue quickly.