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July 28, 2016
July 28, 2016

We Install Gas Lines, BBQ Gas Lines

A gas-line is a complex system of pipelines that carries natural gas throughout the country. Natural gas is used for domestic purposes such as cooking food, heating garage, or for your BBQ grill. At Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd., we install residential gas-lines for gas stoves, BBQ’s, garage heaters and small gas appliances. Our installation is thorough, safe and ensures your appliances work.

Environment Friendly

Natural gas does not cause pollution and is an environment friendly product. It is also cost effective compared to other substitutes. Since natural gas is available in abundance in Edmonton, setting up a natural gas line for BBQ is convenient. If you decide  to set up a BBQ gas line, then our professional team of technicians will help you out.


If you install a natural gas line, it can be used for multiple purposes. It can be connected to garage heaters, rather than having electric or propane heaters. Gas lines can also be connected to gas furnaces, in order to heat the entire house.

Heats Quickly

Once you have a BBQ gas line installed, the BBQ will heat up quickly. The heat is even and remains steady.  You save yourself on the hassle of storing charcoals for the BBQ. There are many natural gas BBQ firms which provide with multiple burners for cooking different varieties of food on the grill.

Looking out for a new gas line for your BBQ? Then get in touch with Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning. We provide a professional service in installing the gas line for BBQ and other small appliances. If you want to convert to a BBQ gas line or replace your old gas line then our dedicated and customer friendly team will help you out. At Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning, we ensure that the installation process is carried out on the same day of the appointment.

Our technician will also assist you in installation once you have set up your BBQ. If you have any questions you may ask our technician who will guide you or you can give us a call. We would need an in-home inspection for all your gas line installations.

We installs residential gas-lines for gas stoves, BBQ’s, garage heaters and small gas appliances.

We require an in-home inspection for all gas line installations. All jobs are quoted in accordance to supplies and labor required to complete the job.  All jobs are also completed in accordance to City of Edmonton gas codes and regulations.