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July 28, 2016
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We Install Garage Heaters

If your home heating system does not extend to the garage, you may want to consider a garage heater. At Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning, we install high quality garage heaters by Reznor. Reznor garage heaters are reputed for their quality and being industry leaders. If you spend a lot of time working in your garage, then keeping it warm becomes a necessity. Most newer homes in Edmonton make natural gas garage heaters easy to install.

Natural Gas Garage Heaters

A natural gas garage heater has a pilot igniter that uses gas flowing through a valve to create a flame inside a heat exchanger. The fan available inside then circulates the warm air. They do not need electricity. These heaters are used to heat large spaces since they heat up rapidly. To install a natural gas garage heater, you must connect it to your natural gas line. Technicians at Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning are experienced at doing so and will get it right the first time so there are no problems.

Less Cost

As the homes in Edmonton have natural gas line supplied, there is no hassles in installing natural gas garage heaters. Also, the cost of a natural gas garage heater is less than the electric or the propane garage heaters. Since, it does not use electricity to heat natural gas garage heaters are cost effective.

Provides More Heat

Natural gas garage heaters provide more heat than other garage heaters. They are able to heat up the small room in quickly. They are more efficient than propane and electric garage heaters. A natural gas heater has the power to provide self-contained heat.

Environment Friendly

Since, you use natural gas to produce heat, you contribute less to pollution. The gas is environment friendly. At the same time, it is simple and easy to use. Since, natural gas is lighter than air, it rises and does not accumulate on the floor as in the case of a propane gas.

So if you are looking out to install a new natural gas garage heater, get in touch with Caliber Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. We also have a professional team of experts who will assist in repairing and maintaining your garage heater. Maintenance of the garage heater is crucial to increasing the life of the heater.

Maintenance & Repair

We provide regular maintenance checks to ensure that your garage heater is functioning correctly. Our technician will be available and would solve the problem immediately. We ensure that we work out a solution for your heater on the day of the appointment itself. Reach out to Caliber Heating and Air Condition if you have a garage heater requirement or need to have yours repaired.

All Garage Heater installations require in-home inspections that are FREE and booked at your convenience.