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Home Thermostats

A thermostat is required to operate your HVAC system and alter the temperature. A well maintained thermostat can last for a good number of years. But a time may come when installing a new thermostat becomes essential. At Caliber Residential and Heating Ltd., you will find a team of specialist who would install the new thermostat in your residence. There are some reasons when you may consider installing a new thermostat.

Damage to the Air Conditioner

A thermostat can damage the air conditioner even due to a minor fault in the thermostat operation. A fault thermostat can make the air conditioner switch on and off quite often. This puts an extra load on the air conditioner. Installing a new thermostat solves this problem.

Increased Power Bills

A sudden spike in your power bill could be caused by the thermostat. The extra stress on the HVAC system means that it is consuming more power. The system begins to run in short cycles and becomes less effective.

Temperature Fluctuations

If you feel that the temperature is too high and then it drops to a sudden low, this is a sign that there is a problem with the thermostat. The fluctuations in the room temperature often can affect the working of the furnace system as well.

Constant Repairs

If your system breaks down frequently, then you should consider changing the thermostat. It is better to install a new thermostat rather than repairing the system repeatedly, which will only increase the cost.

When you get your system serviced, our HVAC technician will check your thermostat and advise you if you need to replace it. So, if you face any of the above problems or you are moving into a new house, we would help you to install your thermostat. Also, if you are not sure about getting the right thermostat, our technician will guide in choosing the correct thermostat for your house depending on your needs.

We have a highly skilled and trained team of experts who deal with installing the thermostat for your HVAC system. Our quality work will ensure you the best service in Edmonton. So when you need a new thermostat installed, get in touch with us. Give us a call or book an appointment and we will be available to help you out.

Repair & Maintenance

Caliber recommends installing a digital thermostat to control your home heating. Digital thermostats keep your temperature within a comfortable range.

If your thermostat has become too sensitive or isn’t sensitive enough, call us to test it and have it repaired so it doesn’t waste energy and your money.

Call us with any questions about your thermostat and how it is behaving, if you aren’t sure it needs repair. We’re here to answer your questions and available for a service call.