Electronic Air Cleaners

July 28, 2016
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July 28, 2016

Electronic Air Cleaners Installation

An electronic air cleaner is a device that removes contaminants present from the air in your room. They make use of a magnetic charge to force unclean particles to get stuck as they pass through the device. Electronic air filters are highly efficient and effective than normal air filters in removing tiny particles. Overall, they are a great way to filter the air that you breathe and make sure that the quality of the air in your home is the best quality. Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd installs Bryant Electronic Air Cleaners to filter and purifies your air to give you a better air quality for your home. We especially recommend electronic air cleaners to people who face breathing problems. The benefits of installing electronic air cleaners are as follows:

Health Benefits

The electronic air filters are known to be 97% efficient in cleaning the air particles. When the air goes through an electronic air cleaner, the pre-filter traps the majority of the large particles. The air particles, which  are very small to be caught in the pre-filter, are charged positive, and later attracted to negatively charge plates. The clean air, therefore, prevents people from getting allergy or asthma and other breathing problems.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Since electronic air cleaners clean the air effectively, it maintains the heating components and ensures that coils are free of unwanted dirt and dust. This keeps the coils clean and they operate more efficiently. Thus, less power is consumed, preventing huge electricity bills.


An electronic air cleaner will last for long enough as compared to normal air filters. You do not need to buy new air cleaners every few months. If your electronic air cleaner does face problems, then you can call our technician and have it repaired. Your electronic air cleaner will be restored to the normal working condition by the Caliber team.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, get an electronic air cleaner installed along with your system.

Maintenance & Repair

We replace and install new electronic air cleaners. Also, our technician will provide you with friendly and excellent customer service.

If your air cleaner needs immediate repairs, give us a call and we will be available to solve your problem. In order to ensure your electronic air cleaners function properly and is long lasting, servicing the air cleaners is important. In case you need your air cleaners to be serviced, we undertake regular maintenance work as well. At Caliber Heating and Air Conditioning, we have a dedicated team who is trained to deal with all brands and models of electronic air cleaners. Reach out to us for a free home inspection.

Caliber Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd installs Bryant Electronic Air Cleaners to filter and purify your air to give you better air quality in your home.  All electronic Air Cleaners require an in-home inspection that is FREE.