Why A Tankless Water Heater Is Right For You

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July 30, 2016
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July 30, 2016

If you live with family, then you know how annoying it is to find that the hot water is all over. You have to wait a long time before you get the water heater to heat it and then finally you can jump into the shower. By that time, you’re late for work!

Such moments are just plain frustrating. But wait again, we have a solution for you – Tankless water heaters.

We’d like to present the benefits of tankless water heaters so you can make the right decision.

Here are the pros and cons of tankless water heater installation:

Say goodbye to cold showers

If you get frustrated every morning because you don’t get hot water, those days are a thing of the past if you have installed one of the best water heater systems. The water is heated as and when you need it. A 50-gallon electric water heater can take over an hour to completely recover the hot water.

Abundance of hot water

The unit brings into play a certain reliability factor. If you have the right size unit, it can effortlessly deliver a continuous supply of water at preset temperature levels. This could be as much as 5 to 7 gallons of hot water per minute. It will let you take full advantage of your Roman bath or Jacuzzi tub. Also, you could take a shower while your dishwasher and laundry are going on.

Lasts long

Most tankless units have 10-15 year warranties and can last up to 20 years before replacement. Tank units typically have a 6-year warranty and only last 8-10 years. You may have to get two or three tank units for every tankless unit. Moreover, the compact size of the tankless water heater takes less space than the conventional takes and is versatile. This means you can fix a tankless water heater anywhere in the house.

Energy savings

While a tankless water heater does costs,, operating it costs lower than traditional water heater. What you’re saving on is in not having to spend money on standby heat, meaning you’re not wasting money heating water in a tank that’s just sitting idly waiting for someone to need hot water. Tankless systems provide that hot water on demand, instantaneously, when you need it, so you don’t have to waste energy heating unused water.

Cleaner water

Traditional water heaters can build up rust and scale inside their tank, where the hot water used for various purposes is stored. With tankless water heaters you will experience fresher, cleaner water and won’t have to worry a lot about water tank maintenance.

The only con to a tankless water heater is that it will cost you initially, but you will recover that cost with efficient energy and water usage. If you have a large house, , then you will probably need to install more units to provide access to all the bathrooms in the house.

Now that you have installed a tankless water heater system in your house, you won’t need to worry about having to shower with cold water those wintery mornings. Hot water will be available at your beck and call. Call us at Caliber Residential Heating and Air conditioning today, so we can help you get your system setup if you haven’t set it up already.