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July 30, 2016
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A lot of people are investing in garage heaters. Without a proper heater cold air can cut through the walls and make the garage environment unbearable. One of the best heating appliances for your garage could be the reznor heater. Although these reznor heaters can be both economic and efficient, you have to keep some things in mind. To keep your garage heater safe, you have to follow these heater safety tips.

Get Ventilation Right

Ventilation is important to keep your garage heater safe. A heater needs to be well ventilated in order to prevent the build up of dangerous fumes in the garage. Sometimes, it is also tempting to utilize your home’s existing system to heat your garage, however, this is something you should absolutely not do as it is health hazard and is not allowed. You want your garage heater to vent out from the side of the garage and direct carbon monoxide away from your home.

Plug directly into an outlet

It is advisable to plug a garage heater directly into an outlet with sufficient power capacity. The chance of overheating, fires, and electrical shock injuries increases when you attach an extension cord to the garage heater. Furthermore, you are not allowed to plug an extension cord into any CSA approved appliance.

Overall space

It is very important to consider the overall space involved and where you will be working mostly within that space. The garage heater placement will be based on this. If you have an old, cheap garage heater, then it may be a safety hazard depending on garage activities. Burns, bumps on the head and electrocution can be the result of carelessness around heaters that are mounted within close proximity to where you are working. Advanced reznor heater, however, do not carry any of these problems.

You need to keep these garage heater safety tips in mind while selecting, installing and using the garage heater. If you opt for reznor heater installed by Caliber Heating, then you won’t face such health risks or fire hazards.