4 Tips to Reduce your Air Conditioners Power Consumption

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July 30, 2016

Your AC needs to be performing at its peak for you to be cool in the scorching summer heat. But does this mean your power bills have to shoot through the roof? Not necessarily, because there are a few ways to use the AC and still have energy savings. Follow the tips given below to have big energy savings along with adequate cooling this summer.

1. Maintain the AC filter

Ensure you have a light weight filter on to allow air to flow easily. This filter needs to be changed every month so that the air flow is not restricted at all.

2. Maintain outdoor condenser coils

Outdoor condenser coils are constantly exposed to dust and need to be cleaned regularly to function efficiently. Whenever you notice that there is debris on it, clear it. Also, ensure that you clean the condenser coils before spring at least. You can clean the condenser coil yourself, just grab a garden hose and lightly spray water until the unit is cleaned. Regular AC repair and maintenance is essential to ensure your AC does not consume excess power and can lead to high energy savings.

3. Service your unit

Sometimes, all you need is some basic AC repair and maintenance. The importance of regular AC repair and maintenance cannot be stressed enough. It helps find problems with the AC in the early stages and can be fixed by minimal AC repair. It keeps your AC unit running at maximum potential. And it also keeps your energy savings at the highest levels. Call your trusted AC repair professional now!

4. Close off vents

The vents in your basement can be closed off as the basement is the coolest portion of your home naturally. The cool air can be prevented from going into the basement by closing the vents and can be driven upwards. This will ensure that the other parts of your home receive the cooled unused air which was being diverted to the basement.

Following these simple AC repair and maintenance tips will definitely bring you huge energy savings and give you optimum cooling. Always contact an AC repair specialist for the AC repair and maintenance of your home.