4 Tips To Extend The Life of Your Gas Furnace

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July 30, 2016
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August 31, 2016

Tips to keep your gas furnace running are essential as it is an important part of your home’s heating system. You can keep your furnace running for several years before you think about furnace replacement or furnace repair. Gas furnace maintenance will help to extend the life of the furnace.

Gas furnaces are like any other appliances in your homes, if not maintained properly will not serve you in the best way it can. Thus, considering gas furnace maintenance is important to get maximum benefits out of it. Here are a few tips to keep your gas furnace running.

Keep out leaks

Before you take up any maintenance work, it is always advisable to ensure complete safety conditions. To avoid fatal accidents, you must switch off all the power supply to the system. Another important thing to keep in mind while checking the gas furnace is that you should not go near the furnace when you smell gas. Gas leakages can be dangerous. In case of a leakage, you should leave the house immediately and call a professional HVAC technicians to fix the problem. The professionals have experience and will be able to solve the leakage problem without any risk to you and your home.

Replace the air filter

The air filter is one of the major parts of the gas furnace. It needs to be replaced or cleaned regularly depending on its usage. Replacing the air filter of a gas furnace is one of the easiest maintenance tasks. The furnace filters trap dust and debris and stops them from entering the gas furnace, where they otherwise cause malfunctions. Because the air filters in the furnace trap all these things they need to be replaced at least once in month to keep the gas furnace running properly. If you fail to replace the air filters, the furnace would shut down frequently because of heating issues.

Keep the furnace clean

Newer furnace systems are sealed, so such stringent cleaning is unnecessary. It is more important to ensure that HVAC ducts are clean so that the warm current has unrestricted flow through the house. If you do wish to clean the furnace, ensure that a HVAC technician does it as it requires a professional touch.

Get regular inspections done

You can get inspections done on a regular basis to keep the gas furnace in good working conditions. Inspections by professionals will let you know if your furnace is fine or it needs to be repaired. It is always better to get your gas furnace checked as it will not let major problems take place and you will be able to save a lot of money on expensive repairs.

It is important that you consider gas furnace maintenance as it is the only way to keep your gas furnace in proper working conditions for many years. With these tips to keep your gas furnace running and regular inspections from a professional HVAC technicians will help your gas furnace to last as long as it should.